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Welcome to Archive Document Management

Welcome to your business records storage solution – At Archive Document Management we know storage and work with your business needs to safely store and archive business storage needs like.


Packing Boxes & Materials

Penrith Lock-Up Storage can provide you with all your packing supplies and storage needs.

Archive Storage and Document Destruction

We know storage and work with your business needs to safely store and archive business storage needs.

Forklift, Pallet Jacks & Trolleys

We have a number of Pallet Jacks and Trolleys for you to use for FREE while using onsite.

Complementary Trailer Service

We offer a complementary trailer to help you with the moving of your goods into storage.

  • Store and retrieval of business tax records
  • Storing your legal records and data
  • Your business records are steadfastly held and stored, you simply call and we deliver your records directly to your premises
  • Security documents are held in secure storage facilities with easy and quick retrieval of those records and documents out of safe storage
  • Tracking of business and legal records in storage or archive
  • 24 hour recorded surveillance
  • Alarmed premises with back to base monitoring
  • Alarmed Smoke detectors
  • Only staff access to restricted areas
In fact Archive Document Management is the trusted name in business, legal and records storage. Storage and retrieval of your business records, data and legal documents is a serious business. The Australian Government has legal requirements for any business to keep their records safely and securely and it is your business obligation to store these business records securely. These all-important documents will be stored securely at Archive Document Management.

What are the Australian Guidelines for Storage?

At “Archive Document Management” we offer a layman’s guideline to the Australian Government legal requirements to your business’s records and storage management:

  • Traditionally the statute of limitation is safe records storage for X to X years
  • Business records must be secured safely and be accessible for this period
  • Storing records in some industries require longer periods of safe storage
  • Personal record storage in childcare and personal trainers have the statute of limitations of 21 years of safe and accessible storage
  • Storage of business documents and records in some instances require the business records to be kept in storage indefinitely. This also requires these documents to be retrievable and accessed when required.
  • Minimise storage costs, maximise the value of your business records and files via optimising the accessibility of valuable irreplaceable items by storing them safely and securely at Archive Document Management

Archive Document Management is our name and it is our professional aim to deliver high quality safe secure document and records storage, retrieval and personalised delivery of your business storage needs.

Archive Document Management is the trusted name in document and records storage – for a personalised approach call us now on 1800 215 546 or email us for your records storage information kit.

Stringent business processes have been developed to offer our clients safe and secure storage facilities located in Penrith. Our well-trained personnel and management team are highly experienced employees in all aspects of document management and undergone security clearances and signed confidentiality agreements.

Our expertise in safe and secure document storage assists your organisation to meet global industry best practice and local privacy compliance regulations.

Archive Document Management in Penrith offer a cost effective way to manage and retrieve your documents / records and use an accurate and effective barcoding system. Each and every item (box, file etc) that comes into our premises is given its own unique barcode, clearly and accurately identified with detailed data entry, labelled and cross-referenced.

As companies grow the task of managing and storing your records may become unruly and as the number of boxes being stored increases so does the demand to retrieve and find specific information. Keep your office space clean and organised and let Archive Document Management manage your storage problems, free up your space and reduce the administrative burden. We can co-ordinate the entire process from removing records from your premises and safely delivering them to our secure storage facility.

Archive Document Management offer bar coded Archive boxes as well as a Packing Service and can pack your files for you and label them with a unique customised barcode, content description, department and destruction dates. This information is then supplied to you via an excel format spreadsheet giving you clear information and description of all of your files. Every movement of your box / file / documents is tracked right up until it is destroyed keeping an audit trail for your reference. We can also repack damaged boxes.

With potential litigation and culpability rife, the management of individual documentation and corporate data becomes more important each and every day, let Archive Document Management offer you peace of mind that all of your documents and files are stored safely and accessibly within our secure and safe storage premises.

Over 30 years experience

Within the Domestic and Business Storage Industry. Our counter personnel staff are self storage experts trained to provide you with courteous, responsive and personal service. At Penrith Lock-Up Storage Units you are a name, not a number.

In the self storage industry. Our friendly staff can provide you with the storage space that best suits your storage needs. They are trained experts in both domestic and business storage. At Penrith Lock-Up Storage Units you are a name, not a number.

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